Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sarah's latest training update....

Hey everyone! To anyone who missed it a couple posts back I am doing the Marine Corps Marathon in October because my sister lives in DC and she really wanted to do it. She is new to running, and needs all the advice and help she can get! I am trying to get her to start a strictly running blog, but until then she is updating periodically on her website

Her latest is here:

check her out and give her some tips!


Lacey Nicole said...

YAY i love when sisters do things together:) i will go check out her blog! dc is a great place to visit, i can't wait to go back. that's awesome we will have coinciding training plans!!! i am DEAD SET on running a few 20 milers and maybe a 24, because only running an 18 miler before the 20 mile race i STILL died at mile 16. so i'm going to take that as a learning experience....! we can help each other along.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the shout-out. :)