Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yesterday I ran...ok, very slowly jogged.....

8 miles. Not the best running I've done, but 8 nonetheless. It was really hot, and my shoes were killing me, but enough excuses! I forget exactly what my time was, but I think around 1:31? Or 1:32? I believe the miles were roughly 11:50, 11:51, 11:36, 11:38, 11:57, 11:50, 11:33, 11:18. What's that add up to? 1:33:33? That's probably about right...I'm sure of the first four miles and the last two, but I forget miles 5 and 6, although I know they were under 12 minutes. I had hoped to start out slow and then pick up the pace, but it was WAAYYY too hot. I ran the whole 8 though, only stopping at 5.8 to grab a drink from a fountain and use a restroom. And everyone is right- drinking really DOES help! Imagine that. I never carry water or stop on runs, because once I stop I'm done for, but yesterday I had to, and it really helped the last two miles.

I made a crucial error right from the start. Normally I head out on the trace to the right of my house, heading roughly south. This puts the sun to my right, and by afternoon it's usually low enough to be below the tree line, so I am, for the most part, in the shade. You never realize what a difference shade makes until you are in the full Louisiana sun. Ugh...I headed left instead of right, which heads North initially but then curves in the center of town heading due west. This meant almost no shade, running straight toward the sun. I went this way thinking it would be better because the other direction hits a main road at 3 miles. I knew I had to go four before turning around, and that road is a huge pain in the *** to cross. No one let's you go, which GREATLY annoys me, since they would only have to pause a minute. It sometimes causes me to stop for over a minute...both killing my time and my motivation to keep running. Needless to say the other direction is out of the question also, so I may have to get more creative with my routes.

I'm actually considering finding some trails. I used to run Bishop Peak when I lived in San Luis Obispo, and I really enjoyed it. Of course finding hills around here is impossible, but hiking trails exist, I'm sure. I think it may help my heel-ankle-knee issues to run on something soft...that and the new shoes I will hopefully get today! Any last minutes suggestions very welcome.

You may have noticed something new in that last paragraph...I have learned to link! Yay! (At least I think...let me know if it doesn't work). This opens up a whole new world of possibility for me, so expect to see lots of links and pictures in the future!

So anyway, 9 for next Monday, which I've only done once before, so that should be interesting...and then 10 on the 12th of October, which will be a brand new distance for me!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally, a race!

Saturday morning I was finally able to enter another race, and it didn't even get cancelled. Imagine that! The Great Wake Up is a 5k that is actually in my town (another imagine that!) so I only had to go a few blocks down the road to the start. This was really nice, and I wish they had more races here.

The weather was great, nice and cool, but it did get warmer as we waited...and waited. Apparently an exit was closed on the freeway, so they wanted to give people more time to arrive. The part I didn't understand is that the next exit is only two miles down the road, so I don't think anyone needed much more than 5 extra minutes, and we waited 1/2 hour, but whatevs.

The race went out on the St. Tammany Trace, a paved running and biking trail that goes through Abita Springs and many other towns and is the trail I train on exclusively. It is always amazing to me, though, to see how much faster you can go when you are carried by the crowd around you. I didn't wear the garmin, so I don't know the splits, but I do know that a woman about 5 seconds behind me yelled out 9:02 at the first mile, so I must have been under 9 minutes then..yay!! I'm sure I dropped the pace a little, because after the second mile I felt like I was really struggling. This was frustrating, because I've been running often...and it was only a 5k! But I guess I was going much faster than I usually do, so maybe that's why? Anyway, I finished at 27:31, which is 3 seconds off my other 5k...but I'll take it! I finished 10th out of 75 woman, and first in my age group. And I got a trophy! Haha...I'll have to add a picture here as soon as I finally figure out how. Seriously- anyone know of any 'blogging for dummies' classes?

I am doing two 5ks next Saturday, so we'll see how that goes. I've never been running twice in one day, so it should be interesting. They are both Octoberfest races, so there should be good food (and beer) at both. Luckily for me I have to work in the middle, so I won't be doing any drinking at the first one....Eating, on the other hand.....

Yeah, eating is something that hasn't been going well. I don't know what's wrong :( I have been sabotaging my diet repeatedly, and GAINING weight instead of losing. I know it's self indulgence, but I can't stop it. I keep cheating. Aside from going over my calorie goals I am also really high on fat. This is something I'm trying to work on, but so far no luck. I do great all day, then overeat at night. I think I'm also doing badly BECAUSE I'm not seeing results. It's a vicious cycle. If I saw that I was losing a little weight I would be so motivated to stick to it. Well, this is a new week, so hopefully a fresh start.

Speaking of fresh starts, I think I need to suck it up and get new shoes. I am not entirely frugal, but I just haven't been able to justify getting new ones when there is only about 50 miles on the ones I've been using. Unfortunately these have been an incredibly uncomfortable 50 miles, and while some may say they're just not even broken in yet, they are just not working. Not only are they about 1/4 inch too short, they are also too narrow, and too stiff. I was told I slightly overpronate on the left, but this shoe has been killing both my feet and doesn't seem to cushion at all. I'm mad because they were expensive, but I feel like I'm on the verge of stress fractures and injuries, so I just need to suck it up. Anyone have any suggestions for shoes they've just loved?

Friday, September 26, 2008


I have thought for awhile now that I wasn't really seeing any progress. Finally, however, I went through the garmin and realized, while it may be slow and steady, that I am gradually getting faster. This is a relief, as I would hate to think I am going to still be this slow with all this running! Yesterday I did four miles, and they were 10:58, 10:39, 10:37, and 10:16. I was happy with this because I hadn't been pushing the pace, and it felt like a relatively moderate intensity run. I suppose I'll really see where I'm at in my 5k tomorrow, but at least no 11s yesterday!

I'm going to try to get in some pilates this afternoon, but it will be during my 30 minute break on my 16 hour day. :( I hate Fridays because everyone else loves them and they are the longest day of my week. Saturdays are tough too, at 12 hours, but at least I only work until 4 on Sunday. Of course after that it's off to my husband's soccer game...unless I get tempted to do my 8 mile on Sunday, haha! Probably not, but each week I tell myself I'm going to.

The weather has been perfect lately, really making me wish I didn't have to work so much....I would way rather be outside! Speaking of which I need to take my camera to the Trace. This is the path I run on, that is many miles long (not sure exactly), and it's beautiful. I have been meaning for awhile to try to document the seasons, and I better hurry, as I've already technically missed summer. It's Louisiana, so it's still really lush back there, so I figure I can pass off a September picture as 'summer' or at least 'late summer'. I also need to start making a list of all wildlife I've seen there. I have it in my head, but want to start keeping track to see how many different animals I see. Yesterday I nearly broke my neck when I jumped about three feet in the air (that's actually high for me!) to avoid a snake! It was a tiny snake, but I could still imagine it would have bit me given the chance :)

Everyone enjoy your weekends and update, please! I have become hooked on about 10 different blogs, and read others sporadically. It took me some time to catch up to the present (I like to start at the beginning), but now I'm all caught up and so disappointed every time I go to check one of my favorites and there's nothing new!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Running after 'adjustment' = bad idea....

Now that I have tried it three times, I have definitely decided that running after seeing the chiropractor is a bad idea. I did it last Wednesday, and then Monday and yesterday of this week. I was advised against this practice, but hey- I gotta get the runs in and my schedule is pretty tight! I do think from now on, however, that I will avoid this. On all three occasions I left the office feeling looser, more energetic, and basically just in the mood to run. However I would find that my neck felt kind of unstable, and that after a couple of miles kind of compressed.

I think basically what happens is that the chiropractor does his snap crackle pop and loosens everything up, spacing out the bones and probably starts to make progress on breaking up my scar tissue (from an old car accident) and realigning everything...and then I go and pound on the pavement for an hour jarring everything right back to where it was. I have had bad headaches after this, so have finally learned (I know- after 3 times!) that maybe this is a bad idea. You think?

Regardless, I ran three yesterday, and in the legs anyway, felt stronger. I am still soooo slow, but the miles were 11:19, 10:48, 9:37. I can live with that, since I am trying to start slow. I have a 5k Saturday, so that will be a more accurate test of my 'speed' (or lack thereof). Today I want to do four, and it's so cool outside today I'm hoping it will go well. Maybe I'll drag my husband with me....though it will annoy me that he'll bounce along as if it's no effort even though he never runs...on second thought I probably won't bring him :)

Survivor is also on tonight, so I may have to rustle up somewhere to watch it. My satellite (due to foliage) only gets local channels in the winter. I know, this is ridiculous and I plan to switch to cable in November, but it's humorous none the less. Seriously...for two years we've noticed that our local channels and international channels (my husband is Peruvian) only work once the leaves fall off the trees. The fact that we've put up with this for so long is funny, but we did have a two year contract...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am a push-up weakling!

So yesterday was to be a light training day, and I had promised myself I wouldn't run even though I sort of wanted to. I did that last week (running day after my long day) and I ended up with blisters and felt slow and sluggish....so wanted to sort of rest/cross-train. (If you can call it that!).

One of the things I wanted to do was the test for the 100 Push-Up Challenge. Can I just say I am a total upper-body weakling? I thought I would probably be able to do around 8-10....I can do 2! Of course I can cheat and do more, but perfect form, lowering all the way down...2. Pathetic! This greatly disappointed me, so I did a bunch of cheater pushups, and then went out to try to clock the actual distance I did Monday without the garmin. Needless to say, hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have better news about the push-ups!

I had better luck with my distance from the other day....I had estimated it at 7 miles, and it was actually 7.26! Yay! This makes me happy for two reasons: 1) running 8 this weekend will only be .74 more, and how easy is that? And 2) my 82 minutes don't seem quite as slow now that an extra 1/4 mile is thrown in. So this was good. I just drove to a known distance from my house and clocked the extra bit I had done on the garmin.

After walking the 1.5 out and back, I went home to do some 'strength training'. This should be interpreted very loosely, as my dedication for anything besides running outside of a gym/class setting is sporadic at best. I lose interest very quickly when no one is there to see me quit. For instance lunges....from my living room to the kitchen and back is good enough, right? Squats...I'm sure that was about 30 seconds (actuality 10)...and so on. So after about 10 minutes of half-hearted exercises I did my 30 minute pilates dvd. I have only done this a couple of times since getting back into things, and I am still pathetic. I have to quit on the teasers, can't straighten my legs during any of the exercises, and have zero core strength it seems. I would be really depressed by this, except that my experience with pilates is that flexibility and strength come back really quickly with a few sessions.

So that was all the exercise I did...and today I'm totally sore! How sad is that? But I guess I have to do some core and upper body stuff at some point. Today 4 miles is on the agenda, and hopefully I can loosen up then. (And hopefully the garmin has charged...I've had more problems with that thing having a low battery...).

Unfortunately nutrition didn't go quite as well yesterday....I ate exactly what I had put on my daily plate, which was 1,282 calories...plus I ended up stealing little bits of chicken as I made a chicken salad for work...two beers, some chips and salsa, three bites of my husband's ice cream...ugh! I hate the way all those little things add up! And I wasn't even hungry...just bored, I guess. So I need to add those in, and then I will be around 1,700 I imagine. That would be ok on a big run day, but not for yesterday. :( Oh well....it's all a process, I suppose. Unfortunately today won't be any better...it's a coworker's birthday, so we always do potluck for lunch. Too much yummy stuff to turn anything down. I've already had a piece of pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling (think pumpkin bread rolled in carrot cake frosting. Yum!) and am desperately trying to avoid another piece...Can't wait to see what lunch has in store. I brought chicken salad, but it has mayo AND sour cream, so it's no better. At least the pumpkin loaf was made with splenda ;)

So yeah...improvement needed all around. The only thing that doesn't need improvement right now is my TV schedule!! I know, it's horrible, but can I just say how glad I am to have ANTM (that's America's Next Top Model for all you non-fans), The Biggest Loser, Survivor, Heroes, The Island (the latest in MTV challenge drama!) and The Hills all back on the air? Not to mention that John and Kate Plus 8 (my total cheesy weakness) had a 'before they were 10' episode of John and Kate from when they met until when they had kids (twins then sextuplets??). My husband hates that I watch this show, but I just can't help it. I love the way they constantly fight, and I love seeing two people actually manage with 8 small kids. I would curl up in a corner and cry. I am in awe!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things are looking up....

Yesterday turned out to be a good day after all. I went to the chiropractor after work, which now (my 4th 'adjustment') scares me just a little bit less, and I felt pretty good when I left. I had told myself all day yesterday that I was going to run 7 in the afternoon, since I didn't do it (as scheduled) over the weekend. As the day went on I became less sure of this, as even though it was the first day of fall it was still really hot and humid here. I had a great six mile run last Tuesday, and I think it was due in no small part to cooler weather. So I was nervous about it, but I forced myself to do it.

It started off ok, and then about a mile in it became cloudy and a little breezier, which I was so happy about! Unfortunately this didn't last, and by the third mile I was dying, really struggling. I thought there was no way I would make it. I was tripping and chafing and pouring sweat. I was really wondering if it was possible for a raise in temperature to not only cause me to overheat, but fatigue my muscles? I just couldn't understand why it felt SO HARD. I also didn't have my garmin, which is a major motivator for me. I love to beat my time on previous miles, making each one faster. I thought that the trace (a paved running and biking trail I train on) had mile markers through the whole length, but the disappeared 2.75 miles in, so I had to estimate the last .75 before turning around. I think I hit the 3.5 or maybe a little past...not sure. I'll have to go back today and check to see just how far I went. Anyhow- I felt soooo tired and just kept thinking I was going to keel over from heat stroke, so I tried to slow the pace. I just couldn't believe 3.5 miles was so hard?? I made it to 5.5 without walking, then during the last 1.5 had four walking breaks. The first two about 30 seconds each, the last two about 1 minute each. But I made it back! I would have been really disappointed, but I stumbled to the backyard to check out the thermometer (which is in the shade), and it was still 84 degrees at 5:30 pm! So given the temp and humidity I'll cut myself a break :)

In other good news the 10 miler I was complaining was cancelled was rescheduled in another town for the next day....so Yay! I won't have to go into the 1/2 marathon on Nov. 23 with no recent longer races.

Maybe things are starting to shape up....running is a little easier, and thanks to the Daily Plate I'm getting nutrition under control...though I wonder- does anyone else find the calorie recommendations (for consumption) and the calorie deficits (for exercise) really high? It tried to tell me that for my height and weight with my level of activity I should consume 2,900 calories a day to lose a lb a week!! Please. Try gain 2 lb a week....and it also said my 7 mile run (at about 5.2 mph) burned 1,100? I don't think so...I had always been taught that no matter how fast you go you only burn around a hundred calories a mile. Any thoughts?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another cancellation????

O...M...G...WTF???? So there is some force against me running- I swear. The third consecutive race I was planning on doing has been cancelled!! First there was the Crescent Connection 4 miler, then the Haulin' Ash 5k, and now the Middendorf Manchec 10 miler. I was really looking forward to this one, too. What is going on? Why all the cancellations I wonder? REALLY annoying. Hopefully the one I have planned for this weekend (the Great Wake Up) goes as scheduled. Anyone know of another 10+ miler in Louisiana in October? Seriously I am so annoyed....

Do people live without avocados??

Today is the first day of fall. Yay! I am so happy fall is here, even if it won't feel like it for another month. I tried to do three miles on Saturday, but it wasn't happening. Normally I have at least a little determination, but this time, no. I went .56 miles and completely quit. Oddly, I was excited to go out....then just lost it. I was already sweating, and it was really humid, and I was really tired from Friday night.

I'm trying to figure out how to reorganize my training schedule; I work 16 hours on Friday, then 12 Saturday and 8 Sunday, so running on the weekend is really draining. Last week I did my long run on Tuesday, which went really well. I think doing the long run midweek will work for now, until it gets up over 10 miles. Then I doubt I will have time, considering M-W I am only off from 3-6, then I head to my other job. Morning runs are out of the question during the week- I start work at 7- and on the weekend I just feel really stiff in the morning. I have found that the last three times I've tried a morning run I've quit. Any suggestions?

The truth probably is that I may have to give up the Saturday double shift as training progresses....I will miss the $$, but may be better for my schedule for a couple months...of course with the holidays coming I will need the money more than ever...hmm....for now I suppose I won't worry about it. Maybe as it gets cooler those morning runs won't be as awful. There is still the issue, however, that I don't get out of work Friday night until 12, and then have to be back Saturday at 10:30 am. So to get in down time, sleep, and a long run would be pretty difficult.

Today I'll either run 7 or do an hour of pilates...we'll see, I haven't decided yet; I'm waiting to see how the weather shapes up. If not today, 7 tomorrow for sure!

I've started using the Daily Plate, and I'm really hoping it will help me get on track with nutrition. So far it turns out I'm good on calories, but high on fat...37 grams! Yikes. I would've estimated about 20. Turns out this is due in large part to my love of avocados and cheese. But I really don't think I could live without this, so I may have to change everything else :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Obsessed with blogs!

So I don't know which I like more- running or reading about other people running. I have become obsessed with running blogs. Specifically Absolut(ly) Fit, Running Duff, and Pieces of Me....me and technology don't mix, or I would have those as active links, but anyway... I have read probably 12 hours of blogs in the last day! I have read nearly all the entries of these three, and a gazillion other random entries from a dozen or so other blogs. Help! I need intervention :) Seriously, though. I am obsessed with the perfect formula, so I read like crazy to figure out exactly what sort of program everyone else follows to make it through a marathon. I need help.

In other news, I ran 2.5 yesterday on what was supposed to be my rest day! No idea of my pace, because the garmin had a low battery (does anyone else deal with this? If it isn't perfectly aligned on the charger it doesn't charge, and even if it does it only holds it a few hours...hope I never want to do an ultra! Hahaha...yeah, right), and I went on a 3 mile loop but stopped and walked the last .5 because my blisters from the day before were acting up. But I was glad I did it anyway. Maybe it counteracts some of the 6 brownies I ate yesterday. These were made with applesauce instead of oil, so in my mind they should only count as four brownies, but whatever. :)

Regardless of whether I counteracted the brownies, I DEFINITELY didn't counteract the two martinis, three beers, and shrimp fajitas I ate after that. Oh yeah, and the ice cream :( That along with not drinking any water, going to bed at 12 and waking up (not on purpose) at 4 has led me to be having a STELLAR day. Yeah. I am SO EXCITED to be at work right now feeling gross and with a headache and knowing that even though I've already worked 5 hours I have 11 more to go. Yay! And I'm even more excited to be contemplating ANOTHER trip to the vending machine, because the doritos I ate this morning while wallowing in self pity aren't cutting it. Even though according to Daily Plate I've already eaten 916 calories today. Double :( !! And even though it's Friday I have the excitement of a shift tonight, two tomorrow and one on Sunday at the restaurant, my SECOND job. But anyway, enough complaining!

What I am looking forward to is reading Twilight this weekend (in my scant free time) and doing a 7 mile run on Sunday. If this goes well I will feel like I can definitely do the 10 mile race on October 11. That's only 22 days away, but I have done a 15k...granted it was in May, but regaining fitness you once had has to be easier than building it from scratch, right?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I hate Wednesdays.

So today I had my second visit to the chiropractor. After being tazed for ten minutes (that's what I think of while lying on their little electro-stimulation thingy) I had the quick adjustment and was out. It wasn't as bad this time, either because the popping and cracking the first time was louder being the first step of realignment, or maybe just because I was ready for it. Unfortunately I didn't listen to the advice to not exercise, and went out for a 5.65 miles.

I was on the phone at first, so I only ran 2 of it, but I came to two conclusions:
1) at least some of my neck pain is related to talking on the phone on that side. I realized walking and talking is something I've done for years...trying to tell myself that it's exercise....Thinking of it now, it is probably very bad posturally to hold a phone (and thus one arm up and head possibly tilted in that direction) for many miles. I will have to stop this habit.
2) running shoes aren't made for walking. At least not the ones I have! My feet felt great on Tuesday, and I thought I must have finally broken in my shoes, but then yesterday, BLISTERS. I think it may be the 'memory foam' of the shoe, and the fact that my foot is in a completely different place inside when walking as opposed to running. I think maybe these sneakers have conformed to my foot running, and I was just not lining up right inside for walking. Or I suppose it could've been the socks. Regardless- my feet are killing me today!

I also have some neck pain again (grr...) and not sure if it's normal or because I went out and jarred my spine for 5.65 miles after having it 'adjusted'....hopefully it goes away. I want my faith in the chiropractor to remain....I really don't want to find out next week that I've been paying $25 copays for nothing!

Now very soon I have to tackle my other major fitness obstacle: Nutrition. I cannot seem to get healthy eating under control this time around! Normally it is very easy for me to be a very disciplined eater, at least while dieting ;-) But lately I've been snacking like mad. We had a work party yesterday FILLED with junk food, and today I have girls' night FILLED with margaritas. Hmmm...maybe next week I'll think about healthy eating....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A good day

Yesterday was a great day. I think the chiropractor (and the cooler weather) really helped me, and I was finally able to run 6. All negative splits! Embarrassingly slower than I used to run, but hey, I'm just getting back into things...The miles went as follows: 11:28, 11:19, 10:53, 10:29, 10:20, 9:56! I was very happy about that, and even more so about the fact that for the first time in FOREVER my mind was able to wander, I was able to take in the scenery, and think about something (anything!) other than the pain emanating from various parts of my body. My left knee still twinges a little, and so does the right hip, but overall I didn't feel like I was 80! Progress! And I even feel like I will have no trouble running three today, something that has also been plaguing me lately..(back to back running days). Maybe this will be possible after all.

Yesterday was also great because after the run for the first time in ages I felt like I had energy! And optimism! And exclamation points! Haha...but really, my mood and general well being have greatly improved. Now if only I could find a job making more money....hmm...oh well, one step at a time, I suppose.

Lastly the great thing about yesterday was that the internet was working when I got off work. So I was able to catch up on missed episodes of the new season of America's Next Top Model...one of my countless addictions from the idiot box....we all have our vices, no? And I'm reading a great new book, Twilight, which has me hooked and staying up too late for my 7 am work day.

The only downfall now is that I feel like doing a race, and the next one is nearly two weeks out. My last two were cancelled, so I'm really itching to see if I've made any progress. The Crescent City Connection 4 miler fell victim to Hurricane Gustav, and Haulin' Ash 5k to Hurricane Ike. Enough of these storms already...you're messing with my schedule! I wish I could find one for this weekend, but it looks like the Abita Wake Up 5k will be the next, on 9/27. Main good thing about that race is that it's in my town, so for once I don't have to drive an hour to run. The first big one I'm looking forward to is the Manchac 10 mile, on 10/11. I am relieved to finally be able to put in some distance, since the date for that race is creeping closer and I'd been having so much trouble.

I go back to the chiropractor today, and hopefully it will be less scary and just as beneficial!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What I'm not doing....

is running :( I was supposed to go six at some point over the weekend, but I have just had so many aches, pains, strains and such that I finally decided I needed to get to the bottom of some of the more fixable problems. First- my work shoes. Finally bought a pair of on-your-feet-allday clogs, and things are ALREADY so much better. Amazing what a supportive pair of shoes can do, really.

Second- neck pain. Now I've had this pain on and off for a couple of years now, but running really seems to aggravate it and results in this dull strong ache at the base of my skull. Well, I went to the chiropractor yesterday (for the first time, I might add) and finally discovered that a car accident I was in four years ago actually severely damaged ligaments in my neck! I have lost the natural curvature, and also have a couple of thin discs. This is good, in that I now know what's wrong, but bad in that it won't be 100% fixable and having your head pound up and down on top of damaged ligaments and discs is not good. Regardless, I had my first 'adjustment' yesterday, and aside from scaring the crap out of me (are noises that loud really supposed to come from your bones??) I actually felt some relief. So I have 5 more appts over the next two weeks, and hopefully I'll be back on track.

Needless to say, I am trying the six today, and hopefully will be able to get my act together this week for a 7 miler on Sunday. Probably should space it a little more, but I really don't want to miss any long runs during this process.

On another good note: it's cooling off! I was about to join a gym (and still may) but then the weather turned and it's at least 10 degrees cooler today than it was on Sunday. This (I am imagining) will help me tremendously. That and finally replacing my ipod which I hope to do soon...

The last bad note is my shoes. As much as I've tried to convince myself they fit, they just really don't :( So add another expense onto the list...I will probably stick to the same shoe, just order a bigger size. I'm still planning to use them for now, as I just can't afford it yet, and hopefully I don't do too much damage.

On the last good note: TV is back! I hate to admit to rotting my brain with useless programming, but I have 8 shoes that I like to watch (I know...I shouldn't admit that!) and they are all finally back on the air after summer hiatus, so life is good :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

How do I get INTO this?

Well, I didn't make it out on Wednesday....I just wasn't feeling it. I allowed myself to skip that day since I will be running both days this weekend, but I still felt guilty. My whole plan for training is to try to stick COMPLETELY to the suggested mileage totals for each week. I figure at a minimum I should be able to finish that way, and I'm still holding out hope that it's about to get easier!

Yesterday I went out for 5.65, and the only reason I went that far is that I was running/walking, and was determined to do four miles. I have been getting a cramp in my chest (seriously...feels like my lung?) lately, and it's been disrupting my running. Monday I was able to just walk .1 and get past it, but yesterday it was really nagging. Regardless, it finally went away, and I felt pretty good in the end. My pace has been horrible lately, probably mostly due to the three or four pounds I've gained lately...but I just can't seem to get diet under control! Any suggestions are welcome. When I was training in the spring of this year I found running really reduced my appetite...don't know why this time around I'm craving so much junk.

I think I'm just depressed with the totally oppressive weather. I can't wait for it to get cooler. I think then I might feel like I have some energy! I've also been plagued with a series of minor aches and pains....I just don't feel GOOD running. Yesterday it was my left knee...sometimes my left hip...sometimes between the shoulders....always the left ankle...I just want to return to when things felt really smooth and fairly effortless. I'm hoping it's just that my patience is lacking this time around and my expectations for a return to previous fitness in a short amount of time are unrealistic....it could also be that my shoes don't really fit as well as they should. I'm sure I'll sort it out eventually.

I think I would also like to either get a new ipod or find a running partner. While silent runs have given me a chance to focus on breathing and form, and to reflect and appreciate nature, I think I'm starting to get bored! And this is bad, considering to date my longest run has been 5.25! I have a 5k tomorrow, and I'm hoping that will snap me out of this rut...I like doing races, and find that it's the only way I truly hit 'race pace' I just can't go faster on my own. Maybe another reason why I need a partner....

In better news, I FINALLY managed to squeeze in a pilates session yesterday...after my run! So I'm proud of myself for that, and I think it really helped to loosen me up. I'd like to do it daily; I have a DVD with mat workouts for am and pm. They're short, so it's not much of a commitment, and I think I might relieve a lot of my nagging pains if I had stronger abs and actually stretched!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So things are finally getting a little easier. Yesterday I went out for three miles, and for the first time so far I didn't feel like I was going to die! Hahaha....progress. My shoes are finally getting broken in as well, I think, so things are looking up. Of course it is still more hot and humid than should be possible at this time in September, but I can only hope a couple more weeks will bring some relief. I have four scheduled for today, and my first long run of 6 this weekend. I have modified several training programs to come up with a 20 week plan, so hopefully all goes well. I do still need to get back into the pilates....I know it would give me some relief (or possibly help me not feel like an 80-year-old when I get up in the morning!) but I just can't seem to find the time right now.....in better news all my TV shows come back in the next couple of weeks, so finally something to look forward too! Ha, I know...my life is so full of excitement!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Back from Nashville.....

Finally! We are back from Tennessee. Hurricane Gustav didn't amount to much around here (thankfully!). Lots of trees down, hundreds of thousands without power, but compared to Katrina, Gustav was fortunately not even half the storm. Unfortunately, you just can't predict what it will amount to, so our neighborhood was mandatorily evacuated, and we headed to Nashville.

We had a great time, but we (and our 4 cats!) are glad to be back. Vacations are never good for me for exercise, so I didn't do much but eat and drink and have thus gained three pounds and did not run a day :(

Yesterday I climbed back on the wagon, and it was tough. I went for 5.25 in 90 degree heat, and basically thought I was going to die....but I finished it! I am very much off schedule for my midweek runs, but at least I got in the long run. We'll see if I'm ready for 6 this weekend. It was hard to do 5.25, but I'm hoping after three runs this week, and maybe the possibility of joining the gym before the weekend I can do 6 (in airconditioning!) a little easier than I did 5. I really had planned on two weeks at 5, but missed last week. I brought my running stuff to Nashville, but should have known I was kidding myself. Oh well...back to work.