Monday, August 9, 2010

And now the fun begins.... :(

So things have been going along swimmingly....I have actually been blessed with a completely complications free pregnancy. The biggest annoyance I've had to deal with is ridiculous swelling in my feet....until now.

Friday I started to get the slightest twinges of nerve pain in my lower back, on the right side. From dealing with sciatica for nearly a year from running I was immediatley thinking, "Great, here we go". And of course it got the time I left work Saturday I was hobbling around with shooting pain through my right leg. Yesterday I could barely walk at all, and today- the same :(

This greatly saddens me, as the main advice they give you to encourage the baby to be born is to walk! Not only that, but it looks like I'll be stopping working my second job about three shifts before I planned to even consider that's basically about $300 I won't much for paying phone and cable!

Anyone have anything that worked for them to make sciatic nerve pain manageable? The chiropractor really helped me before, when it was running related, but how exactly do you get a baby off your spine?

At least on the bright side, 17 more days!!!


Sarah said...

Sucky! At least you've gotten away with not having very bad symptoms up until now at least.

Bummer about the money though. What does your doctor say?

hailey said...

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