Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Off the running (and blogging) wagon :(

Sadly with all my new plans and new motivation I have only run twice since the marathon :( I planned to go today, but have a horrid sore throat. I swear I swear I swear I am getting started on a new plan in April. But to avoid hating myself I am just going to admit that for the next 3 or 4 weeks I probably won't be very focused. I am really busy, for one, and also really poor...that might not make sense, but for me races are 90% of my motivation. If I can't afford to enter them I have little desire to train midweek....

I know, crappy excuses, but I swear, I'll be back! And really soon...bikini season is coming, after all!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Last of February in pictures...

So to finish documenting what I was doing in February (since it wasn't running!) here are some more Mardi Gras pictures..


So I have hit another roadblock in my plan to stay in shape...and stay running. Lauren and I had planned on the Nashville marathon, but needless to say it has fallen by the wayside for favor of the beach!! Sadly it is not motivation or interest that has caused me to put it off, but rather $$. Cash is very tight (as we all are experiencing in these sad economic times!) and unfortunately at this time if the options are two days and a 9 hour drive to Nashville to sweat my ass off for 26.2, or four days and a 3 hour drive to Pensacola to sweat my ass off with a cold drink in my hand laying on the beach....well, let's just guess what won out!

So I need a new workout plan, and all advice is much appreciated. See- if trying to get a beach body multiple long runs are not for me....I actually gained weight marathon training due to having such a voracious appetite after 2 and 3 hour runs....Now I know that in theory you just have to remind yourself that even that much exercise doesn't give you license to pig out, but for me easier said than done. I am thinking I need to be more well rounded, as well, and include some upper body and abs workouts along with running. My vague plan is 4 days a week running, 3-10 miles, and some arms/chest/back/abs stuff mixed in. Any thoughts? I have been steadily gaining weight since the marathon and need to get back on track pronto!

My beach trip isn't until April 30-May 3, but I am staying for two days at the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, MS (which has a great pool) on April 16, so I have just over a month to bust my but back into shape! Help!