Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Until Next Year!

Well folks, I have been completely swamped the last week, and there is no end in sight. I have been an absentee commenter and blogger, and it looks like that's going to continue for the next week. Our flight to NH is tomorrow at 10 am. I have a very slight hope to get a run in before we leave, but I'm gonna go ahead and guess that that's not going to happen. We get in at 4 and it will be Christmas festivities for the next two days, lot's of family and friends and even a wedding!

Now I am dutifully bringing my running shoes and clothes even though chances are they will remain right in my suitcase until I get home. At the very least I will be very rested by next week! If the weather breaks 40 degrees I will try to get out there, and hopefully not break my neck on the ice.

Regardless of whether or not I get in any running it should be a good five days with family and friends, and we will be back next Monday. Our internet connection at home is spotty at best, however, so there is a good chance you all won't hear from me until Monday, January 5th. Hopefully I can come back telling you that I have got in two long runs and am feeling confident for the marathon!

Everyone have a fantastic holiday and wonderful New Year! I am sure my Google Reader will be even more overwhelming than it is right now, so chances are I may make a fresh start with the new year and Mark All as Read. But not to worry- I will start right back up on all of your fabulous blogs on January 5!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Yep. That's how much I ran last week. To my credit, I had various extenuating circumstances, but still. I have excuses for the early part of last week, but when I went to Florida Thursday night I had explained to my best friend a MILLION times that I HAD TO RUN 17 miles (at least) on Friday. Unfortunately, my flight got in late, we were up until 2:30 talking, and when 7:30 rolled around I was feeling on edge and nauseated from lack of sleep (the three cups of coffee I immediately downed didn't help either) so I just sat on her couch all morning staring off into space.

It didn't get any better...I drank two diet cokes next, and by the time we headed out for the 2 hour drive to her mom's I was feeling worse. Then I decide to go in the car with her sister and brother-in-law (who had an important conference call to make)....let's just say I spent the 25 minutes he was on the phone trying not to toss cookies in the backseat and begging for the air to be cranked up. They froze in the front seat, but at least I kept everything down.

Unfortunately the rest of the weekend didn't go any better. I had the birthday party for her mom that night, Kate's (the best friend) graduation Saturday, and the wedding shower yesterday. Last night I went to bed at 12:30 and got up at 5 for my flight. I really really really need to run today, but I am no good without sleep. So what do I do?

The plan is to try to get in at least 5 miles in today, then if I can do 6 tomorrow and some later this week...of course I fly to NH on the 24th were they have been getting dumped with snow, so the likelihood of running outside isn't too high. HELP!! Will I be in big trouble if I don't get a long run in until next Tuesday? That will be two weeks since my 25k, with one week entirely off. I have long runs planned for next Tuesday, the following Sunday, and the following Friday January 9th....then the marathon is Feb 1.

So I think I'll be ok...I'll do 18 Tuesday, the following sunday is a 30k, then 20 on January 9th. My only concern is that that there will only be three days between the first and second, and four days between the second and third....is that too short? The only other option is to push the last one til Monday the 12th. I will have to use vacation time either way, and mentally I was just thinking it would be better at the end of the week (Friday) rather than the beginning. Thoughts? Am I in trouble?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Larry Fuselier 25k

Bleh. That is all I have to say about this race. It went horribly, for the most part, with none of the "isn't it so great to be out running" feeling I had the weekend before.

I tried to follow my lessons learned from the last two half marathons, but things aren't cooperating with me! For instance I wanted to not skip any more runs, but it poured last Wednesday, and snowed on Thursday, so one five mile run was skipped and my 8 mile was pushed to Friday. I also had a Christmas party Friday, so I didn't eat that well. Saturday I was good on the eating, no alcohol, hydrating, but worked a double (tired legs!) and then when I was about to get in bed to at least get 7.5 hours, Will told me he messed with my ipod. Our computer was running so slow, so it took forever to fix my songs, and THEN his friend (who's been away in the army) knocked on the door (with two of their other friends) at 10:45. Needless to say, they stayed til midnight and I probably didn't fall asleep until 12:30....with a 6:15 alarm. So yes, I was tired again. I also didn't get in any core stuff last week, and just felt warn out in general.

I got down to the race start about a half hour before. I had drank a HUGE coffee on the way (which would later prove to be a mistake). I had oatmeal and a banana about an hour before, and brought two gels. I hit the bathroom and lined up at the start. It was really warm, and we were running on a paved running path, so not too much to look at. I just felt kind of indifferent right from the start.

We headed out, and right away I felt no energy whatsoever. Eeach mile was a struggle, but I finally started to get into a groove at mile 4. Right then I had to hit the port-o-potty. The path follows a ridge, so the potties had to be placed WAY down the slope. Huge bummer...you are already losing major time to get to them, and then after you have to run up a hill to get back! I lost two minutes there, and all hopes of doing well for this 15.5 miles.

I tried to catch the people who had passed me while I was in there, and managed to get back in the swing of things. I took the first gel at the bathroom stop, and it kicked in and I was feeling pretty good. Things continued looking up until the turn-around at 7.75. At which point I realized that the reason I'd been feeling so good was because of a crazy tailwind. That was now a headwind. By 9 miles I suddenly was stricken with regret for the gatorade and the coffee. Why do I continue to do this? I realized a while back that I have no toleration for gatorade (or really caffeine) during races. While they both help me performance/endurance wise, both irritate my stomach REALLY BADLY. So then I went into panic mode, trying to remember which water stop would have a bathroom. Of course it wasn't until 11.5, so I had to suffer through 2.5 miles of this. I had to walk a few times and it was SOOO annoying because it wasn't my legs or my lungs but my stupid stomach! And of course I get to the rest room and there wasn't much in the way of results. I was like, "that's it??? " and then you wonder if you will have another attack...so another two minutes lost (at the same stupid port-o-potty!) and I was back on my way. I took the last gel here, and hoped it wouldn't mess with me :( I caught up to the couple of people who had passed me while I was in there, just kept thinking "please let people be around before I collapse". (I get this weird feeling sometimes like I'm going to have a heart attack or faint...scary, I know). Finally I finished. I was so disappointed in the whole thing that I just left. Normally I at least try to get my money's worth of free chips, bananas, beer and jambalaya. This time I grabbed a water and moped over to the car. My legs were killing me too! My time was 2:39 something...I didn't stop the garmin in time, but that was the time on the clock and I only started about 20 seconds after the gun. I had hoped for 2:25 :(

Anway...enough whining! At least I finished it. And I will do better this week on my 17 mile run. Yeah right! It will be a miracle if I really do it. I'm going to Florida for my best friend's wedding shower, and I'm sure there will be a lot of celebrating (she's also graduating college Saturday...something that's been long in the coming...). But I fly in friday and hope to get it in from 8-11 Friday morning. I HAVE TO because I know I won't get much running in next week over Christmas. So fingers crossed I'll do it!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

OMG they weren't lying!!!

Seriously. It was 75 two days ago!!! According to my friend, a native southeastern Louisianian, it has only snowed 5 times in the 40 years of her life! And never like this. The first picture was from a couple of hours ago too, and it has been snowing steadily since. If I wasn't too broke to pay the charge to send pictures from my phone to email I would've done a bunch more. We had tornado warnings two days ago because it was so hot, now this! Is the world coming to an end or what?
It is so exciting though! Schools are closing and everyone is going nuts! As a native New Englander I find it hilarious. There were so many accidents on the way to work, and it was only sleeting then! But yay! It feels like Christmas now.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yesterday 75 degrees...today snow??!?

So yeah. The weather is weird. And because of it I felt like I was going to faint on my run yesterday.

Regardless: Holiday Booty Buster Challenge: 5 miles = 5 pts! Hopefully will get 8 more today....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baton Rouge Beach Half Marathon results

The results have been posted from the half marathon this weekend, and here is how I did:

2:03: 08 chip time
25/61 age group, 358/791 overall

Interestingly, the two girls I think I mentioned trying to stay with but couldn't hang? 2:00:36. So had I stuck with them I would have been oh so close to 2 hours. Maybe I'm better off? I'm kidding, of course (sort of) but I might've been more pissed to be so close and still not make it! They also had a timing mat (Lauren said it was at 7.25 miles), and I crossed there at 1:06:16 and a 9:09 pace (see, I told you I had it through 8 miles!!), but my pace for the second half (or overall? can't remember) was 9:24. The girls I tried to keep up with at the end, on the other hand, crossed the first mat at 1:06:42, almost 30 seconds after me and at a 9:12 pace, but they finished more than 2 minutes before me with a 9:13 pace (wow- talk about even splits!). I was with them until after 11 miles, I think, so I really lost time right in the end. I swear it's the knowledge that I'm not going to make it...it just kills me! Once I know I'm off pace I lose it mentally. Maybe next time! I'm going to keep an eye on my splits this weekend i n the 25k, and maybe I'll feel better if I cross 13.1 before 2 hours.

On another note, while this race wasn't very full marathon friendly (the whole crowd was gone by the time the marathoners started finishing) if I had done the full I would've had a chance at second in my age group! (The first place finisher was at 4:03, second at 5:18). So who knows, with training and luck I could win my age group here next year!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Not quite what I hoped, but still a PR!

Thanks so much to all of you for your wardrobe advice. I found that everyone was right about wearing just a long sleeve over a short sleeve; if I had the jacket I had planned on I would have been sweating. BUT- (for me) I was right to wear pants when everyone suggested shorts. I would have gone with tights, but don't have any yet (it isn't often cold enough here for it). I was freezing until about the third mile, and even once I became comfortable my bottom half never got hot. I find running when my legs are cold very difficult.

Ok...so leading up to the race: Friday night cookie party with the ladies. Went really well; I think I (seriously) only ate three cookies. Two whole ones, and a couple of random bites of others. This isn't too bad since we made 5 kinds! As soon as my internet connection improves at home I still have to put up pics of Thanksgiving, the Christmas tree, and now the cookies. We made snickerdoodles, peanut butter blossoms (with the Hershey kisses), sugar cookies, katy-dids, and key lime white chocolate chip cookies. We had some wine and cheese, but I only had a glass and a couple bites of cheese and cracker, which is REALLY good for me. The only bad part was we finished up late and I didn't eat dinner until 9:30, which was a mistake. I had pasta and plain 'ol tomato sauce. I had everything mostly together but still didn't get to bed until after 11...that is something else I really need to work on in the future.

My alarm went off at 5, and there were two immediate problems: my husband was STILL not back from going out with his friends, and my stomach was all on edge. The second problem was the result of the first, coupled with the cookies and late night dinner, I think. I could have killed him and blame him for my not having a better race :(

In New Orleans things don't close until 6 (if they do at all), so late nights are not completely out of the ordinary...It's also not unusual for him to be out late (he's Latin and in South America you don't even go out until after 12...). And if he does drink he will stay with friends to be on the safe side, but always answers his phone. I called like a maniac my whole ride to Baton Rouge, which is a little over an hour. I probably called 10 times. He wasn't answering and I became more and more nervous....either he had crashed and was in a ditch somewhere, had lost his phone, or was somehow sleeping through it. I figured he had lost it and tried not to worry, but come on- he knew I was getting up for my race and the least he could do is borrow a friend's phone.

Needless to say I had to run the whole race (without my phone) wondering where he was and if he was ok. After the race I borrowed Lauren's phone and found out that he had left the phone at his friends house and hadn't picked it up until he dropped his friend off at like 7 (I know- who needs to go out until 7!!). At which point he called me and left a message, but my phone was in Lauren's dad's car....so I was pissed. I asked him why he hadn't called to tell me this (from Jay's phone) and he said he didn't want me to be mad that they had gone to New Orleans (an hour drive) when he had told me he was just going up the street to hang out.....As if I'm not more mad that I had to stress out all morning and have my race ruined!!

So anyway- aside from being nervous we got to the start at about 6:45, and jumped in the Port-o-Let line and were able to hit the bathroom and walk to the start right before things got underway. It was really perfect. We only had to stand in the cold for about 5 minutes. The race took off, and it was a REALLY slow start. And I had the inevitable walkers right in front of me!! Grrr...I just don't get it; I have walked things before and ALWAYS line up at the back! The street was really narrow, and we wound through some neighborhoods. It was really cool that some local families would be out in their yards, drinking coffee and holding signs for their friends, cheering everyone on.

Miles 1-3 were good, but I was off pace from the beginning (to be under 2 hours) given that the first mile was 9:24. I think mentally for me to eventually get under 2 hours I am going to HAVE to have banked a couple of minutes over the first half of the race. I know negative splits are better, but I just psyche myself out knowing that I will have to run the second half (when I am tired) faster. Miles 2 and 3 were on pace at I think 9:06 and 9:07, and things stayed pretty even through 8, but I never made the time up.

We wound through neighborhoods, around the lake, through LSU campus, and it was a really invigorating morning and a nice time to run. There were some purely perfect moments in there too....moments where I just had to smile to myself over how happy I was to be out running...finishing 13.1 miles before half of Baton Rouge (this college part anyway!) would even be up!

The water stations were really unique too- apparently they have a competition for a 'golden egg' trophy (the marathon mascot is a chicken) for the best, most creative, most supportive volunteer station. The first one everyon was in camouflage, exercising, doing push-ups, doing jumping jacks, cheering everyone on. It was really great. Another had women dressed up as sexy vixens, another gave out candy and fruit, another had some coconut bikinis (on men!). So it was really fun.

Miles 8-10 were HORRIBLE in terms of HILLS they LIED about in the race flyer touting a FAST, FLAT COURSE. I didn't know that many hills existed around here. And these were real ones; not the baby kind I mentioned in the Ole Man River Half Marathon. They were also one after another, though luckily there WAS down hill between each one. I did laugh though at the sign someone had put up at the bottom of the last hill that stated, "HILLS, WHAT HILLS?" with a smiley face. It made my smile :)

By mile 10 the hills were done but so were my legs. On the last hill I had started following these two girls who were trucking right along. I had hoped to stick with them and meet my goal. (Not sure what their time ended up being, but if they weren't under 2 hours they were REALLY close). By 11 miles, though, I just couldn't keep up. My hip flexors and hamstrings and piriformis were REALLY tight, and by mile 12 I was again fighting a side stitch. (Same place in the race as last time!!). At mile 12 I was at 1:42 and change. Without the side cramp maybe I could have charged through it, but 18 minutes for 2.1 after already having run 11 miles would be really difficult for me; I am still new to these distances.

Regardless, it didn't happen. I was going slower and slower due to the cramp, and was really just aiming to finish running and not walking!! A couple of guys flew past me in the last 100 yards, and that was kind of defeating, but then another guy was trying and my competitive nature kicked in and I thought, "Not so fast, pal!" and kicked it in enough to finish ahead of him :)

Official chip time, 2:03:08 (I think)...Garmin had 2:02:55. I need to check for official splits, but I think I got off pace during hills, and never recovered. STILL, that's almost a minute and half off my first half marathon time. Not bad for being all nervous about my Very Naughty Spouse and going on 5.5 hours sleep! So I'll be happy with it for now, but I will get under 2 soon, darn it!!

So the night before, when Lauren called me from packet pick-up I said, "Ok, see you tomorrow...when I'm going to finish under 2 and you under 2 and a half!" (Her PR was 2:36 and change...) AND.....she did it!! Good job Lauren! She finished in 2:29:54!

Afterwards we enjoyed a few post race beers with Lauren's old friend Wendy, who missed our race because we ran too fast!! We also had some alligator sauce piquante, some jambalaya, gumbo, cookies, bananas and a hotdog (and I wonder why I wasn't hungry the rest of the day!). This race also had great stuff! The shirt was navy blue, not obnoxious in any way, long sleeve and technical fabric. Yay! We also got Brooks running gloves, and the medal is really pretty. Again, eventually I will have a picture day and put up a bunch of stuff.

Later I headed home, stopping to get some Christmas shopping done along the way. Yes, I know, probably not the nicest for the other customers in the store, but I was pretty tired and didn't want to go home and shower and then go back out...When I finally did get home I showered, layed in bed, and proceeded to eat 5 cookies while reading my book. Then I took a nap and woke up to my husband calling to see what he should pick up for dinner. He ended up finding boiled crawfish (I didn't think the season started yet, but whatever) and brought that home with corn and potatoes. I stuffed myself some more, ate more cookies, and went to bed at 9 to sleep until 8:30 am!

Ironically I was still tired yesterday...I have my fingers crossed, but think I'm coming down with something. Yesterday I worked but still felt tired and sore all day. Last night another coworker had a Christmas movie party, and we all chowed down again (cocktail weenies in crescent rolls, peanut butter pie, chocolate fondue, bread pudding, delicious queso dip and tortilla chips, popcorn, m&ms, eggnog, spiked cocoa, pumpkin beer....so I spent another night tossing and turning. Ugh. I have a wedding shower and a wedding at the end of this month (where I have to wear dresses) so I vow to tone it down from here on out. I have been feeling like crap and diet is more than half the reason.

So hear are some things I learned from the half marathon:

1) no more skipping long runs!
2) no alcohol for at least 2 days before.
3) eat better!
4) more core! I think I get my side stitches from breathing shallowly due to back cramps.
5) more stretching. For reals this time.
6) more sleep. At least 8 hours for three nights before the race (really hard with my schedule!)
7) don't become mentally undone if a couple of seconds off pace.
8) sleep more.
9) ground spouse.
10) did I mention sleep more?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Help!! What would you wear????

So the Baton Rouge Beach Half Marathon is tomorrow, and it is supposed to be 34 degrees at the start, and only 42 by the time I hope to finish!!! OF COURSE this would happen, since I've been praying for that perfect mid 50s weather...the last half was too warm (60s), and now this one, two weeks later, is freezing! No fair.

Anyway, it gets that cold here about twice a year, so I have no idea what to wear!! To all you northern runners, what would you wear in 34-44 degree weather with 76% humidity? A long sleeve and a jacket? Short sleeve to? Or instead of long sleeve? Pants and tights, or just pants? (Not proper running tights so can't wear them alone..too see through!). I have about 15 hours until I leave my house for the race....

So 5 miles didn't happen...

I didn't run a minute yesterday :( What I failed to mention (besides in a comment on Viper's page) was that I was desperately hung over yesterday (yep, on a weekday!), and ready to die. Really.

I got home and the rain had stopped, but not the pure hatred of my body for me. I actually think I might also have had some minor stomach bug (I know- excuses!), because it just seems weird. I DID drink a whole bottle of wine, but (as much as I would like to) I can't say that's never happened before, and I've NEVER been that ill. Am I just getting old? I went through extreme intestinal distress all day, periodically feeling like I was either going to throw up or faint. This odd thing happens whenever I drink to much and don't sleep enough where I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack...does that happen to any of you? (Just say yes so I don't freak out...). Seriously though..it's so weird. I will feel like my heart is all irregular, skipping beats, racing...for the whole day after a night of too much partaking.

So I got home, tried pathetically to straighten the house for a cookie decorating get together I'm having today, and then collapsed in bed to rest an hour before heading to work. And right then someone called from work who was trying to pick up a shift!! Amazing, huh? So I gave it away and instantly felt better. Later I was able to make the dough for the party, clean and mop the floors, and watch Survivor while cursing at the TV that the contestants are always so stupid! Hello, vote out Sugar you idiots!! You know she has an idol and wouldn't be expecting it now! Anywaaayyy....then I made the 'baked Christmas' (the flour/salt dough you make ornaments with) so we can paint cookies that will inevitably not be as good as the ones we made in third grade.

So it ended up being a productive night. And I even got everything washed for my half marathon tomorrow. Which, hopefully, I won't be hung over for. I told myself 1 glass of wine only!! (To say I'm not going to drink anything at my own party would just be a lie). But to get to why I drank the whole bottle the other night....have I ever mentioned how much I love Christmas?

Didn't think so! Well I am OBSESSED with it. LOVE it. Always have. The hustle and bustle, the crowds, the STRESS, the gift buying, the food, music, parties, decorations, the SPIRIT. My future children will have the best Christmases and it won't be because of the presents they get. My parents were really great about making Christmas so special when we were kids.

So in my excitement for the season, I was going through my Christmas cookbooks and magazines, drinking wine and eating cheese and losing track of time. And due to the volume of Christmas books I have, it took a lot of wine to get through it all. So that's my excuse.

While NOT DRINKING WINE last night I spent a frustrated hour trying to put my pictures from Thanksgiving up here....alas stealing internet means you can rarely do things online that require a strong connection. Putting up images (or streaming video) is something I can rarely accomplish at home. So you will all have to wait to see my Christmas tree :( I'm sure you are so sad! ;)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well, it's raining...

...so I am losing motivation by the minute to get in at least 5 miles this afternoon. Of course, I can't run tomorrow, so if I don't go I will feel unprepared for the half on Saturday. I suppose I should also be motivated by the widget I stole from Lauren, though I couldn't figure out how to get it on the side bar...that's why it's just showing up as a post below. 58 days til the marathon!! I can't believe it's coming so fast...truly it feels like I just started the training plan a couple of weeks ago, and now I look and see I'm actually in week 16! Crazy.

New SpringWidget

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm wondering...

Funny thing...just out of curiosity have any of you ever put the foil of a gel too far into your mouth and felt that horrible pang through a filling? I have done this twice recently....how annoying, it really hurts!

12 on Tuesday

Well, I had to do 11, but wanted to do 13, so I split the difference and did 12. I was proud of this only because until 9.43 miles I had only planned on 11. This is how I often trick myself; I go out with only a certain distance in mind and find I can often get myself to run another mile or two once I am soooo close. I actually thought about 13, but it was really cold yesterday and it had all my muscles locking up on me and aching in the last mile. The feet were good, though, so I think as long as the warm weather stays away a couple of months I might not suffer such blisters and hot, hot feet as I have been dealing with lately.

I had another success as well.....the fuel belt! I didn't get out the door until 3:30. Sunset is at 4:59, so you pretty much have dusk until 5:15 or 5:20...then it's full-on dark. I knew I couldn't waste time stopping to refill at water fountains and the like, so I forced myself to wear it. It was definitely nice to not have to carry my gels and water bottle in my hand, but it was hard to get used to. It adds so much weight, it seems. And of course since I had it with me I found I only drank a bottle and a half (of three). I'm sure had I not had it I would have easily drank three bottles....but it was so cold I don't think I was sweating much or something...I just didn't want to drink. I only drank what I did to wash down the gels.

I had PowerGels yesterday...vanilla and strawberry banana. I really find I prefer chocolate flavors, but they sell only those two flavors (and only PowerGel) at the grocery I go to, so unless I go to one of the running stores I'm stuck with those. I actually think they work better for me too, and while I think the vanilla flavor is kinda gross, it doesn't have caffeine and doesn't bother my stomach at all. The strawberry banana was actually good, and did have some caffeine that helped in the end. I do like the Gu Roctanes, and definitely noticed more muscle soreness after this long run (the roctane has an amino acid blend that's supposed to help with the buildup of lactic acid), but the roctane's are over $2 a piece, so I may reserve that for races.

So it started out ok, I was resigned to having to get in 11 even though every bone and muscle in my body REALLY DIDN'T WANT TO....and miles 1-3 were ok. I had a gel at 4.5 miles, and actually found I still had a lot of energy by 8.5 where I took the second one...I think the cool weather really helped invigorate me a litte. At that point I looped through town and began heading back home and noticed I was at 9.43. I added another loop through town, and didn't look at the garmin but figured it was at a little over 10 miles. I knew from where I was to home was about 1.2, so if I added in the .6 mile loop around the block by my house I would be close to 12. I didn't look until about .5 from the house, and I was at 10.97. I added in an extra block there, and checked as I passed the house and I was at 11.6. One more block and finally, 12 miles! I was barely out of breath, but was really tight and stiff, especially through the hips and hamstrings. I am never sore or stiff in the quads...weird.

I iced for a bit, and then ate and watched the Biggest Loser. Don't bother with this paragraph if you don't watch the show....I sooo wish that Amy would've sent Vicky home two weeks ago. Then Amy was stupid and got herself voted out, and now Vicky is being just as stupid! Heba and Ed are her biggest competition, and she could have voted Heba out last week, and Ed out last night....now she will be the next to go, I'm sure...amateurs! Don't they know IT IS A GAME....don't keep people around just because they are your friends...this is for money, people!

Anyway, after that I read and was off to bed, but not before searching high and low for the camera...Will was supposed to put Thanksgiving and tree pictures on the computer, but hadn't. I couldn't find it anywhere, so I will have to put those up later. Rest day today, then 5 or 6 tomorrow before my second half marathon Saturday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have zero desire to run today. I had zero desire Friday, Saturday, Sunday, yesterday....what is wrong with me?? While I haven't always been dying to get out there, I usually just know I have to and go home, change, and hit the road. For some reason all the overeating and too much sleep have just zapped my will to run.

I did run 7 miles the night before Thanksgiving, and then I squeezed in a quick 2.25 on Thanksgiving morning. That felt great! It was chilly out, there was no one out at all, it was like a ghost town. I loved the thought that I was out burning calories before the day of eating that was ahead. And I didn't even eat that much! We had people over early (see previous brunch menu), and started with champagne drinks and muffins and fruit around 10. I had one pumpkin muffin, and one piece of bacon. I sipped mimosas all morning, and ate some apple slices, but not too bad....by appetizer time I had a couple of bacon wrapped scallops and a couple of crackers with cheese, but by the time dinner rolled around (4:30) I was hungry and hadn't overeaten yet! I had normal portions, and finished the meal without being overly stuffed. A first for me! I did fairly stuff myself with dessert, by having a little of each, but it was nothing compared to how I've done in other years.

Unfortunately, the rest of the weekend didn't go as well. I pretty much single-handedly put away the leftovers, including all the desserts. We had friends in town, so we also went out in New Orleans, complete with sickeningly sweet (and calorie laden) hurricanes and creamy seafood pasta...And then Saturday after they left I decided I needed chocolate, and made brownies! (Which are now all gone...a whole pan :( but I had help there...). So yeah. I need to get back on the wagon!

In the midst of all this I was supposed to run 16 on Friday. I should have gotten it in. Our friends took my car to hit the sales (they actually brought a suitcase to fill) and I slept in. I woke up at 9:30 thinking it was too late to squeeze it in, and then sat around til noon waiting for them to come back! So I totally could have gotten it done. Saturday after they left there wasn't enough daylight, and then Sunday same thing. I worked until 4 and we put up our Christmas tree. Yesterday I swore I was going to do it. I had laid out my stuff the night before, and needed to get home from work, jump in my workout clothes, and hit the streets. I had to do it right away, because I would need to leave at 3:15 to have two hours of daylight. (Well, almost. The last mile would be in the dark, but could be around my neighborhood, not on the running trails which are way too scary in the dark!). Needless to say, didn't happen. My husband was off, and I just didn't want to leave the warm house.

So today it's on. I have all my stuff laid out, and have to go *at least* 11 miles. The FIRST program says 14, but my other two plans (one a novice I the other a novice II) say 10 and 11 miles respectively. Of course the novice II said 15 for last weekend, when I had the half marathon and only did 13....so I had adjusted it to 16 for this past weekend.....but I highly doubt that is going to happen today, so no reason to set myself up for failure, right? I will try for 13 but am willing to settle for 11. I should really do 13 though, because then this weekend I'm supposed to do 12 (FIRST), 15 (novice I) or 17 (novice II), but have another half marathon so will probably only do 13...have any of you had any luck with 2-a-days? My competitive nature won't let me run 2 or 3 miles before the race...I want to see how I can do, and would be more tired that way...and then the likelihood of running 2 or 3 after is, well, nonexistent, let's be honest. So I was thinking maybe trying to get a couple of miles in that night. Is it even worth it if it's not continuous? I don't really see how that would help endurance....or should I just write it off as a short week and try to get the rest of the long runs in?

Anyhow- it's in writing now...I have to do at least 11 today...no matter how cold it is! Unfortunately that means I'll only get 3 runs in this week....today, a short run Thursday, and the half on Saturday....but next week back on track! OH- and pictures to come later...Thanksgiving and the Christmas tree...